Russian plants have resumed the disposal of chemical weapons following a preventive maintenance period, which started after December 20, 2013, with the early accomplishment of the 2013 state defense order by the Federal Department for Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons.

"Head of the Federal Department for Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons Col. Gen. Valery Kapashin ordered the resumption of the disposal of warfare substances in the Monday video link with the command of the Russian facilities," says a department report obtained by Interfax-AVN on Monday.

The department press service reported that the plant in Leonidovka, Penza region, would continue to destroy complex munitions this year. The same type of munitions, which contain both toxins and explosives, will also be destroyed in Mirny, Kirov region. Both plants have scrapped the local chemical weapons stock at 99% and will soon accomplish their mission.

"Another two plants, which have scrapped toxic material at 100%, are preparing to be decommissioned. These are the Gorny federal public enterprise in the Saratov region and Kambarka in the Republic of Udmurtia," the press service said.

The other plants will begin to destroy chemical weapons on schedule: the plant in Pochep, Bryansk region, on February 1, the plant in Shchuchye, Kurgan region, on March 1, and the plant in Kizner, Republic of Udmurtia, on April 1.

"As of January 20, 2014, Russia had destroyed approximately 78% of its chemical weapons or 31,000 tonnes. Less than 9,000 tonnes have yet to be scrapped. All the seven plants entrusted with the mission have been constructed but some of them will start up the final facilities, first and foremost, the workshop scrapping complex munitions at the plant in Shchuchye," the department said.

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