Former MFO Menatep head Platon Lebedev has already left the premises of the penal colony in the town of Velsk, the Arkhangelsk region, but he is still staying at a guesthouse owned by the penitentiary, a regional security service source told Interfax.

Lebedev will not return to the premises of the penitentiary, he said.

According to an Interfax correspondent, some of Lebedev's relatives are staying at a hotel in Velsk.

None of the executive cars that arrived in Velsk from Moscow on Thursday have left the town. One of them is parked outside the hotel, and the second car is parked near the penitentiary.

On Thursday, the Presidium of the Russian Supreme Court ordered Lebedev's release from prison.

The documents allowing Lebedev to go free were forwarded to the Federal Penitentiary Institutions Service, Supreme Court spokesman Pavel Odintsov told Interfax earlier.

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