Russian President Vladimir Putin laid a wreath at the Mother-Homeland memorial and then paid tribute to his brother, who died young during the siege of Leningrad, beside a mass grave at the Piskarevo Cemetery in St. Petersburg.

In the mourning procession at the Piskarevo Memorial Cemetery the head of state was accompanied by several dozen survivors of the siege of Leningrad and the veterans who defended the city. Along with Putin, whose head was uncovered in the negative 13-degree frost, they proceeded down the 300-meter alley along mass graves from the Eternal Flame towards the Mother-Homeland monument.

On the way back from the monument, while passing through the alley along the mass graves the president stopped near one of them. The year indicated on the grave stone was 1942. The head of state laid a bouquet of flowers there.

He stood for a while, crossed himself and then went on. Putin thus paid tribute to his brother who died at a very young age during the siege. It emerged recently that it was in this mass grave that the president's brother was buried, according to records.

The Piskarevo cemetery's memorial was opened in 1960 at the site of the mass graves of the siege of Leningrad victims and the soldiers who defended the city.

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