The security of daily life in Sochi ahead of the Winter Olympics is ensured in line with the global standards, Russian Minister of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Natural Disasters Vladimir Puchkov said.

"The Olympics is a global event that determines our country's prestige. Ensuring the security of the Olympics is the most important task for us. I can say with certainty that the security level of daily life in Sochi is absolutely in line with global standards," Puchkov said in an interview with the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper published on Tuesday.

A powerful rescue group is engaged in ensuring security at the Olympics, the minister said.

"We have engaged a big group of forces and equipment - over 23,000 people and 500 units of equipment. Ahead of the Sochi Olympics we have put into service firing-fighting and rescue divisions with the control center for crisis situations, a modern horse and canine center and other important facilities. Training, drills and inspections are being held all the time and training of volunteers on fire security and actions amid emergency situations as well as other events are being conducted," the minister was quoted as saying.

While holding the summer Universiade in Kazan 20,000 people and 283 units of equipment of the Emergency Ministry were engaged, Puchkov said.

"In order to ensure coverage of sports facilities, rescuers and firefighters were ready to respond to any incidents and emergency situation personnel were on duty 24 hours a day. The task given to the Russian Emergency Ministry on ensuring the security of the youth competition was fulfilled completely. So we do have experience! All tasks will be carried out at the highest level," the minister said.

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