The Russian Federation Council believes that the ongoing events in Ukraine are aimed at discrediting and overthrowing the legitimate authorities, says a statement on the situation in Ukraine the Federation Council members unanimously passed on Wednesday.

"The Federation Council is concerned about the situation in Ukraine and believes that the mass unrest provoked by the opposition has nothing in common with peaceful protests. A well-organized campaign is aimed at discrediting and overthrowing the legitimate authorities. The riots and arson attacks in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities, the storming of administrative buildings, and aggressive actions against the law enforcement agencies, which have led to the loss of life and a significant number of injuries, have been encouraged by those who prompted the people to take to the streets," the statement says.

Ukraine is going through a dramatic political crisis, which could have grave consequences for the Ukrainian people and the country's statehood and territorial integrity, the statement says. The Federation Council members are especially worried about "the opposition's attempts to set interests of certain regions of Ukraine against others, undermining stability of Ukrainian society."

The Federation Council strongly condemns any manifestations of violence, "nationalism, and xenophobia and calls on all political forces in Ukraine to look for ways to overcome the confrontation exclusively through a constructive dialogue."

The Russian lawmakers are convinced that this should happen "without any ultimatums and pressure, and it is important for both the authorities and the opposition to work out a positive scenario to overcome the political crisis and resolve problems facing society based on respect for the country's constitution and other laws," the statement says.

The document expresses surprise and outrage about the remarks by some Western policymakers "impudently interfering in Ukraine's internal affairs and deliberately provoking destabilization of the situation in the country."

The Federation Council members insisted on "stopping undisguised interference in a sovereign state's affairs from the outside."

The statement also points out that a lot of Russian regions having long-standing and diversified ties with Ukrainian regions "are concerned about these developments, which could have a negative impact on prospects of inter-regional and trans-frontier interaction between the two countries in the future."

In the conclusion of the statement, the Federation Council expressed its confidence that the "brotherly Ukrainian people" and its leadership "will find ways to restore peace and order in the country."

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