The defense ministries of five states have declared the intention to use their own hardware in the tank biathlon 2014 world championship, Russian Armed Forces Main Combat Training Department head Lt. Gen. Ivan Buvaltsev said on Thursday.

"Five states said they would drive their own vehicles in tank biathlon 2014. These are Ukraine, Greece, the Czech Republic, Italy and China," the general told foreign military attaches in Moscow.

The delivery of tanks to Russia is being arranged, he said.

A source from the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters that tanks of Ukraine and China would be transported to the competition venue by rail. An approximate cost of the round trip exceeds 4.3 million rubles ($124,400).

Tanks from the Czech Republic, Italy and Greece will be transported by military transport aircraft. It has yet to be decided whether the planes will belong to Russia or the foreign participants in the tank biathlon event.

Tank biathlon 2014 will be held at the Alabino range in the Moscow region from July 26 through August 16.

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