Employees of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) have established a security control center for the Sochi Olympics, which includes dozens of representatives of various ministries and agencies, head of the control center administration Alexei Lavrishchev said.

"The security center of the Olympics is comprised of the heads of over 30 ministries, agencies and bodies of the Krasnodar region and the Sochi administration," Lavrishchev said at a news conference in the Olympics 2013 main media center.

"As of today, no real threats to the security of the Olympics participants and guests exist. However, all potential threats have been considered in the framework of ensuring security at the Olympics and we are ready to react to any challenges to security. The measures introduced totally allow for ensuring security," Lavrishchev said.

About 40,000 employees of the law enforcement authorities and other security agencies ensure the Olympic Games' security, Lavrishchev said.

The FSB has taken into account the experience accumulated by foreign colleagues on ensuring security while holding major international events, Lavrishchev said.

"The FSB generally maintains partnership relations with special services of over 80 world countries, whose delegations will arrive to Sochi soon," Lavrishchev said.

According to Lavrishchev, over 100 employees representing over 50 special services from almost 50 countries will be accredited at the Olympics.

"Generally, the measures being taken to ensure security do not violate the rights of citizens and are aimed at creating comfortable environment for the Olympics participants and spectators," Lavrishchev said.

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