Federal target program investment in the promotion of domestic and inbound tourism will double in 2014, Federal Tourism Agency head Alexander Radkov told a press conference at Interfax on Thursday.

"The federal budget allocated 2.487 billion rubles ($72 million) for fostering tourism in 2013. In 2014 the expenditures may reach 4.359 billion rubles ($126 million)," he said.

The federal program drew 8.252 billion rubles ($238.7 million) from off-budget sources and planned the construction of 46 facilities in 22 tourism clusters in 17 regions of Russia in 2013, Radkov said.

Domestic tourism growth was roughly estimated at 6-8 percent in 2013. Inbound tourism growth might stand at approximately 10 percent and outbound tourism growth at approximately 15 percent, he noted.

Data received by Rostourism from its partner Tripadvisor on Wednesday demonstrated a 25 percent increase in Russian trip booking by foreigners in 2013. Tourist arrivals grew most from China (120 percent), the United States (47 percent), Canada (41 percent) and France (22 percent).

Tourists mostly visited Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Krasnodar territory (71 percent up) due to the approaching Olympic Games. Tourist arrivals grew 156 percent in the Moscow region and 49 percent in the Republic of Tatarstan.

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