The APEC Vladivostok summit, the Winter Games in Sochi and the Summer Universiade in Kazan do Russia more good than harm, most respondents said in a January poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Study Center (VTsIOM).

Most Russians said they were aware of the approaching Sochi Games (98 percent) and Russia's hosting of 2018 FIFA World Cup (97 percent). Many also knew about the Summer Universiade in Kazan (80percent) and the APEC Vladivostok summit (61 percent).

Almost two-thirds of the respondents (62 percent) argued that events of the kind were good for the host territories. Advantages were claimed by people in cities with a population exceeding 500,000 (70 percent).

A quarter of the respondents, mostly Muscovites and people in St. Petersburg (48 percent), claimed possible negative implications.

Sixty percent said that Russia could benefit from hosting world events. The opinion was primarily voiced by young adults aged from 18 through 24 (71 percent) and people in big cities (72 percent).

Some 29 percent of the respondents opined that world events were harmful for the country and 11 percent could not answer the question.

Fifty-five percent of the respondents said they would welcome a significant event held in their home cities, and 32 percent were skeptical about the idea. Most skeptics live in Moscow and St. Petersburg (47 percent).

VTsIOM polled 1,600 respondents in 42 regions on January 18-19.

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