Russian parliamentarians have proposed introducing criminal liability for those who attempt to rehabilitate Nazism.

Russian MPs want the rehabilitation of Nazism to be treated as a criminal offence carrying up to three years in prison or a fine amounting to 300,000 rubles ($8,500). People found guilty of committing such crimes using their official post or the media may be sentenced to a fine of up to 500,000 rubles ($14,200) or up to five years in prison.

Appropriate amendments to the country's Penal Code have already been prepared, Irina Yarovaya, head of the State Duma Security and Counter-Corruption Committee, said on Friday.

Speaking at a United Russia party meeting that condemned attempts to rehabilitate Nazism, Yarovaya said that today's event would debate two versions of the bill.

"Our task is to produce a more detailed text of the bill," she said.

The document is intended to toughen criminal liability for those who seek to rehabilitate Nazism, she said.

Attempts to approve of or deny the Nazi regime's crimes against peace and humanity confirmed by the Nuremberg Trials' verdict have been made for the past five years, Yarovaya said, adding that this law is more relevant today than ever before.

"Time has already proven that our position is right and has proven the need to pass our law as soon as possible," she said.

Attempts to rehabilitate Nazism are taking on increasingly ugly forms today, including the revival of the Bandera movement, Yarovaya said.

"It should be a preventive law," she said.

According to Yarovaya, a letter arrived today from St. Petersburg's World War II veterans who requested the soonest possible adoption of a law that would help protect historical memory and who described continuing attempts to rehabilitate Nazism as an insult and a crime.

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