An opposition march in support of suspects in the Bolotnaya Square case has ended on Moscow's Turgenevskaya Square.

Most of the demonstrators left the square and went home. The rally passed off without incident, an Interfax correspondent reported.

The Moscow Police earlier said that the opposition rally had brought together about 2,000 participants.

"Although the opposition earlier declared plans to hold a 30,000 strong rally, and was allowed to bring together 15,000, just about 2,000 people have joined the march from Pushkinskaya Square to Turgenevskaya Square," the police said.

Police enforced traffic diversions to make room for the marchers.

The marchers' route was authorized earlier this week.

"We confirmed this route, as well as the number of participants - 15,000 plus. We think this size is sufficient and no problems will arise," Moscow's Regional Security chief Alexei Mayorov earlier told Interfax

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