The high school student who has gone on a shooting spree in Moscow School N263 most likely did so because he had an emotional breakdown, Vladimir Markin from the Investigations Committee told reporters.

"We are now working on determining the motives. According to our information, [the shooter] was a straight A student and was most likely having some kind of emotional breakdown," Markin said.

The student has fired his weapon at least 11 times, Markin said.

Anatoly Yakunin, the head of the Interior Ministry's Main Department for Moscow, told Interfax that the student who killed a policeman and a teacher was acting in a state of a nervous breakdown.

"The motive has not yet been determined. What happened? His father says there was apparently some sort of nervous breakdown. Maybe something related to school, or something else," Yakunin said.

"Judging by the information we received when we prepared for this operation, the student was positively characterized," Yakunin said.

The weapon with which the School N263 student killed a policeman and a teacher was legally registered in his father's name, Yakunin told. It is a small-caliber rifle and a 7.62 hunter carbine, he said.

Markin earlier told Interfax that "a criminal case has been opened based on Articles 206 (hostage-taking), 105 (murder), and 317 (attempted murder of law enforcement officials) of the Russian Criminal Code."

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