The My Russia ethno-park will open in Sochi's Krasnaya Polyana ahead of the Olympic Games, press secretary of the Russian presidential administration's property management department Viktor Khrekov said.

"The My Russia park will open in Krasnaya Polyana on February 5. Theme pavilions of various Russian regions have been deployed on an area of approximately eleven hectares," Khrekov told Interfax on Monday.

Presidential property management department chief Vladimir Kozhin said earlier that the pavilions would accommodate mini-hotels, folk handicraft shops and regional cuisine restaurants.

"Manufacturers were granted with direct delivery rights. Gzhel [porcelain and majolica] ware comes from Gzhel. Down kerchiefs are from Orenburg, and Palekh boxes are exclusively from Palekh, made by craftsmen," Kozhin said.

The park stretched out over eleven hectares, along a mountain river bank, he said.

According to Kozhin, the facilities - the responsibility of the property management department - were fully prepared for the Olympic Games.

"All of them are prepared and officially accepted. I have just returned from Sochi; guests are already checking in," the chief of the presidential property management department said.

Being a vice-president of the Olympic Committee and the head of the Association of Winter Olympic Sports, Kozhin has visited all the sport facilities in Sochi.

"I traveled from Dagomys to Krasnaya Polyana; I went up and down… Sochi and its transport infrastructure look wonderful. Those who have already arrived, the foreigners, pay attention to that as a rule. Especially if this is their first time in Krasnaya Polyana. But people who had visited Krasnaya Polyana before the Olympic project are actually startled by what was done," Kozhin concluded.

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