The tragic shooting incident at a Moscow school has highlighted the need to toughen the criminal penalty for reckless storing of weapons, said Viktor Pinsky, first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee for Civil, Criminal, Arbitration and Procedural Legislation.

"The school student had access to the weapon. This goes to show that it was being stored in violation of the rules," Pinsky told Interfax on Tuesday.

An article of the Russian Criminal Code imposes a liability on owners who do not watch their weapons responsibly, the deputy recalled.

"But obviously the penalty for such a crime needs to be toughened," the parliamentarian said.

The storage rules are fairly strict, he said. And if they are observed, children's access to weapons is not possible.

"I believe massive checks into how citizens observe gun storage rules are long overdue. Non-systemic supervision loosens the owners' control. Meanwhile, knowing that a police officer can show up with checks any minute is a discipline factor in itself. A good hunter will always have everything in order under any circumstances," Pinsky said.

It was reported that on February 3 a high-school student walked into his school N263 in Moscow armed with two rifles and opened fire. As a result, a geography teacher, Andrei Kirillov, and a policeman, Sergei Bushuyev, were killed. Yet another law enforcement officer was severely injured. None of the students was injured.

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