Some 32 tank cars from a freight train carrying gas condensate came off the rails near the Pozdino station of the Gorkovskaya railroad line in the Kirov region on Wednesday morning. Ten tank cars caught fire, a source from the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry told Interfax.

Acting Kirov Region Governor Nikita Belykh said on Twitter almost 500 people had been evacuated.

The ministry said the freight train had 89 cars, 65 of them carrying gas condensate and 24 transporting coal. There is no fire threat to the other cars and nearby houses.

The firemen have confined the flames and continue to put out the fire, a source from the press service of the ministry's department in the Kirov region told Interfax.

"The accident has been confined; there is no danger. Manpower and resources are sufficient for cleaning up the accident," the press service representative said.

Causes for the derailing are being found, she added.

Acting Kirov Region Governor Nikita Belykh reports the evacuation of almost 700 people after the accident. 

"A total of 692 tenants of eight apartment blocks and 20 private homes were evacuated," Belykh wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

The governor said an uninhabited dwelling and several garages happened to be within the fire zone.

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