Including the Courage monument of the Brest Fortress in the rating of the ugliest world monuments organized by the CNN television company is insulting and unacceptable, Russia's State Duma Deputy Speaker of the United Russia party Sergei Neverov said.

"Such ratings are, at the very least, disrespectful and a blasphemy of the memory of millions dead, veterans and their ancestors, everyone, who saved the world from the fascist plague. I think that the U.S. public and veterans' organizations should give a relevant assessment of such statements," the United Russia press office quoted Neverov as saying.

It has been reported that the administration of the Brest Hero-Fortress memorial complex said that including the Courage monument in the list of the ugliest monuments was an act of blasphemy and that it intended to demanded an official apology from CNN.

"Memory cannot be treated this way. The monument was not installed somewhere just as a work of art but firstly as a memorial to those who died. And in my opinion, a rating of such monuments should not be composed," director of the memorial complex Grigory Bysyuk told Interfax on Thursday.

The memorial administration learned about the rating from the Internet.

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