CNN withdrew on Friday the story 'The world's ugliest monuments', which mentioned the Brest Fortress memorial.

"CNN has withdrawn the story "The world's ugliest monuments" because it was not of the standard we would expect of a CNN report.

"The story caused unnecessary upset in Russia and Belarus with its description of the Courage Monument in Brest, Belarus.

"CNN apologizes for the unintended offense caused by an article from a contributor that was intended to be a humorous look at monumental architecture worldwide," the channel said.

It was reported earlier that CNN posted on February 6 an article titled 'The world's ugliest monuments?' on its website. The Brest Hero-Fortress complex is atop the list. The article sparked large public outcry in Russia with the Russian embassy to the United States, Russian State Duma members, the presidential human rights council and the Moscow Helsinki Group condemning the article.

Later that day CNN apologized in the preface to the scandalous list. "We understand that the inclusion of the Brest Hero-Fortress in this article from a contributor has caused offense in Belarus and Russia. This was unintended and we apologize," it reads.

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