The Khabarovsk territorial prosecutor's office has sent to court the criminal case of a resident of Nizhnyaya Monoma who killed a fellow villager and injured another four under the false impression that he was playing a computer game, the office said on Friday.

The man was charged with "hooliganism-motivated murder", "hooliganism-motivated attempts on the life of four persons" and "illegal breaking into a home," the report said.

He is facing up to life in jail.

The man was visiting his family in Nizhnyaya Monoma on February 20, 2013. He was very drunk when he broke into village homes and stabbed their tenants with two knives late at night.

"An elderly man bled to death. The police said he was stabbed 15 times. Two women and two men sustained serious injuries," the office said.

Villagers seized the criminal and turned him in. The suspect told the police he did not mean to kill anyone but was drunk and had the false impression of being inside a computer game.

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