Russia has extended its Agreement on Cooperation in Science and Technology with the European Community for another five years.

"The extension of the agreement would expire on February 20, 2014 based on a Russian government directive of October 17, 2009. The directive extends the agreement for another five years," the Russian government reported on its website on Saturday.

The decision would promote cooperation between Russia and the European Union in science and technology, it said.

Russia and the European Community concluded the Agreement on Cooperation in Science and Technology on November 16, 2000. It is being pursued in the form of joint projects of scientific research, technological development, and demonstration activities, including fundamental research.

In particular, the agreement provides for free access to and shared use of research facilities, data collections, visits and exchange of scientists, engineers, or other appropriate personnel, the organization of seminars, symposia and workshops, and exchange of information on practices, laws, regulations and programs relevant to such cooperation.

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