The Russian Navy's carrier battle group (CVBG) operating in the Mediterranean Sea has been joined by the heavy aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, Northern Fleet spokesman 1st rank Captain Vadim Serga told Interfax-AVN on Monday.

"The aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov has arrived to the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea where it met with the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Petr Velikiy. The two ships' crews hailed each other during a lineup ceremony on the upper deck last Sunday," Serge said.

Very soon the Admiral Kuznetsov will replenish its stock and sail to a part of the Mediterranean Sea southwest of Cyprus, the spokesperson said. After that the aircraft carrier's flight deck will be used for sorties by Sukhoi Su-33 carrier-based fighters and Kamov Ka-27 carrier-based helicopters, as well as joint drills held with the large antisubmarine ship Admiral Levchenko.

The Admiral Kuznetsov began its long journey on December 17, 2013, Serga recalled. Over this period the CVBG of the Northern Fleet's aviation wing has gained significant practical experience in flights from the aircraft carrier's deck in the open sea, having performed more than 120 sorties with a total mid-air time of around 90 hours.

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