Child services expect that Kirill Kuzmin, adopted by a U.S. family, will be returned his first name and surname this week, head of child protective services department of the main social protection directorate of the Pskov region, Valentina Chernova, told reporters on Tuesday.

"This week we should receive the birth certificate of the child, which was prior to the adoption. Since we have such an adoption cancellation for the first time, we will need consultations with the Russian Ministry of Education and Sciences and Foreign Ministry as to how the procedure of returning the child and complying with the court ruling will be implemented," Chernova said.

It emerged on February 18, 2013 that Maxim Kuzmin, 3 - adopted from the Pechorsky orphanage together with his brother Kirill Kuzmin to the United States in 2012 - died tragically in Texas.

On December 23, 2013, the Pskov regional court upheld the lawsuit filed by the regional social protection department to cancel the adoption of Kirill Kuzmin by U.S. couple Shatto. Following the court hearing it has been decided to restore the initial birth record on the child. The court has ruled to give the boy to the Pskov regional child services.

The court ruling came into effect on January 30, though the Shatto couple still can appeal it. The letter with the copy of the court ruling has been delivered to Texas but the couple has not received the documents yet.

Kirill Kuzmin is currently with his adoptive parents in the United States.

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