The Sochi-2014 Organizing Committee has said it is pleased with the results of ticket sales as part of the XXII Winter Olympic Games.

"We are satisfied with the current statistics of the sale of tickets for the competitions," the director of the committee's ticket program, Dmitry Perlin, said at a press conference on Tuesday.

The majority of tickets sold to Russian viewers had a price of 1,000 rubles ($28.8) per ticket (7 percent) and 1,500 rubles ($43) per ticket (6 percent), he said. Nearly 37 percent of the sold tickets ranged from 500 rubles ($14.4) to 3,000 ($86) rubles, and 44 percent of the sold tickets had a price of 4,000 rubles ($115), he added.

"More than 70 percent of Olympic Games tickets were purchased by Russians, and the remaining 30 percent by foreigners," Perlin said.

Twenty-seven percent of the overall number of the event's tickets were sold in Sochi, 16 percent in Moscow, and 7 percent in Krasnodar, he said.

Japan and Germany have sold out their quotas of Olympic tickets, Perlin said. People in European countries, Canada and the United States are actively buying these tickets as well, he said.

"Tickets for [the Olympics opening and closing] ceremonies, ice hockey, biathlon and figure skating were in the highest demand," he said.

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