Russia will block a draft resolution on the humanitarian situation in Syria proposed by the West to the UN Security Council if it is put on vote in the current edition, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said.

"The way it [the resolution] is drawn up, it is unacceptable to us and there is no doubt we will block it," he replied to an Interfax question.

The West is just drawing up its resolution, he said.

"Alas, it is politicized and its entire meaning and purpose is to lay groundwork for future military operations against the Syrian government in the case of non-fulfillment of certain demands to be made there [in the resolution]," he said.

"This is easy to do because the humanitarian situation is extremely complicated. Numerous problems exist and the Syrian government is doing the utmost to resolve them. But, unfortunately, they are not always successful due to objective reasons and there are always circumstances under which the government can be accused of non-fulfilling its commitments," Gatilov explained.

He noted that China supported Russia's opinion.

"The Chinese share our approach and I would like to hope that some other members of the Security Council also take an objective approach to the evolving situation," the diplomat said.

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