Russian figure skater Evgeny Pluchenko will not take part in singles competitions at the Sochi Olympics.

The two time Olympic champion suffered a back injury during a warm-up session before the men's short program on Thursday.

"I fell down and it clicked," Plyushchenko told his coach.

This leaves Russia with no medals in men's single figure skating.

His coach Alexei Mishin has already apologized. "On behalf of [figure skating] federation president Alexander Gorshkov and on my behalf, I apologize to everyone," Mishin told reporters on Thursday.

Plushenko performs a unique jump combination during training

Two-time Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko took part in an official training session on Feb. 12, held on the spare rink of the Iceberg Arena at the Olympic Park in Sochi. The skater performed his most famous series of jumps – a unique 4T–3T–3Lo (quadruple toe loop-triple toe loop-triple loop) combination. Read more>>>

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