Enhancing the potential of the aerospace defense system is a priority of the Russian Defense Ministry for the period up to 2020, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

"An additional network of new-generation specialized radar stations is being deployed along the perimeter of the state's national territory in order to further upgrade one of its crucial components - the Early Warning Missile Attack System," Shoigu said at a session of the ministry's board on Friday.

"They use highly compatible technologies and are able to effectively tackle different tasks, including in light of future aerospace threats," he said.

"Some of such radar systems have already been deployed and are successfully operating today. The construction of another one in the country's east is proceeding according to our plan," the ministry said.

Another priority facing the Defense Ministry is to "further develop the healthcare system" in the Armed Forces, he said.

"We ought to provide servicemen, their families and retired servicemen with an opportunity to have access to the whole range of medical services," Shoigu said.

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