Maria Komissarova, a member of the Russian Olympic freestyle skiing team, suffered a spine injury while practicing on Saturday, a medical source in Sochi told Interfax.

The athlete is to undergo surgery at a hospital in Krasnaya Polyana after a panel of doctors determines the treatment strategy, he said.

The Russian Freestyle Skiing Federation confirmed that Komissarova had injured her spine but noted that it was too early to talk about the precise diagnosis.

The federation's press service had reported earlier that Komissarova had suffered an injury on an Olympic ski-cross track. She was delivered to Hospital No. 8 in Krasnaya Polyana, which had been prepared specifically for the Olympics. "Doctors conducted the necessary examination and decided to operate on the athlete," it said.

Komissarova can no longer continue her participation in the games.

Yelena Vorona, the chief of the Russian freestyle skiing team, suggested that it would be wrong to hurry to make any conclusions about the gravity of Komissarova's injury.

"There is no diagnosis yet, and therefore it is difficult to say anything now. Masha is undergoing examination. She fell on the waves. This is not the most difficult section of the track," Vorona told Sport-Express.

"The athlete was apparently preparing for more difficult elements, somewhat relaxed and suffered an injury while performing relatively simple ones. She is in the hospital now. The diagnosis will be clear only after they return from there. Anything else now is just conjectures and assumptions," she said.

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