A new aerobatics team is being set up in the Russian Air Force to fly Yakovlev Yak-130 combat trainers, Air Force spokesman Col. Igor Klimov told Interfax-AVN on Monday.

"In all, nine pilots as well as instructors have been chosen to join the new aerobatics team. Six of them will be members of the main crew, and three will be backups," Klimov said.

A flight of the Borisoglebsk Air Force Academy's training airbase has started aerobatics training at medium and low altitudes.

"Crews of the Strizhi aerobatics team are teaching the prospective aerobatics team members the complex aerobatics skills. The aces are elaborating methods of the performance of Nesterov's loop, barrel roll and other maneuvers at minimal distances between the aircraft," Klimov said.

Irkut Yak-30 is a next-generation two-seat combat trainer designed for coaching pilots and engaging in combat against airborne and ground targets in regular and complex weather patterns.

By its performance and maneuverability characteristics, Yak-130 is similar to modern subsonic fighter jets, which makes it eligible for training pilots of generation 4+ and 5 aircraft. It is also capable of landing on unprepared airfields, Klimov said.

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