The current wave of tensions in central Kiev directly results from the policy pursued by Western politicians, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"What is happening now directly results from the policy of connivance pursued by Western politicians and European structures which turned a blind eye on the Ukrainian radical forces and their aggressive actions from the start, thus encouraging them to escalate things and be provocation against the legitimate authorities," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a commentary circulated on Tuesday.

Moscow urged the Ukrainian opposition to get back to dialogue with the authorities. "We again urge the Ukrainian opposition to give up threats and ultimatums, and to establish a committed dialogue with the authorities in order to find ways to lead the country out of the deep crisis," the statement says.

Tensions ran high again in central Kiev recently.

"The militants, whom the opposition leaders urged to begin the so-called 'peaceful offensive,' beat policemen and throw stones at them. They torch cars, they looted a pharmacy, attacked the Party of Regions' headquarters and blocked the parliament building. The opposition no longer controls its ranks. Law and common sense are being brazenly abused," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

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