The death toll from the riots in Kiev has climbed to 26, and 10 of these people are Interior Ministry officials, Ukrainian Health Minister Raisa Bogatyryova said.

"As for the overall number of people who have died or have been killed during these events, this number is 26. Ten of them are Interior Ministry officials and the rest are participants in the events that have taken place in the center of Kiev," Bogatyryova said at a press conference in Kiev on Wednesday.

As of now, 263 participants of mass disturbances and 342 policemen, mostly with gunshot wounds, are currently is Kiev medical facilities, Bogatyriova said. "Out of 388 citizens, who sought medical care, 263 participants of mass rallies have been admitted to hospitals and about 160 patients are in serious condition, moderately serious condition and extremely serious condition".

Main injuries are gunshot wounds, she said.

At the same time, 371 law enforcement officers have sought medical care (since yesterday's events until noon on Wednesday) and "342 people have been hospitalized and, as of 2 p.m. (4 p.m. Moscow time), ten people, including two traffic police officers, have been killed," Bogatyriova said.

Policemen wounded are in Kiev hospitals and central hospital of the Interior Ministry and 72 of them have gunshot wounds and 82 are in moderately serious condition and serious condition, the acting minister said.

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