As of early Thursday, a total of 28 people died since clashes began in Kiev, the Ukrainian Health Ministry press office said in a statement.

Meanwhile 445 people have sought medical attention with emergency medical care units and medical facilities of Kiev and 287 of them have been admitted to hospitals.

According to the statement, 88 of those hospitalized are law enforcement officers, six are reporters, one deputy (Vasyl Pazenyak), four minors (under 18 years of age) and two foreign citizens.

Thursday has been declared the day of mourning in Ukraine.

Russian officials call on Ukrainian authorities to restore peace

As of the morning of Feb. 19, at least 25 people had been killed in street clashes between protesters and the police in Kiev. Russian government officials have called on the Ukrainian authorities to take assertive measures in order to stop the bloodshed while experts argue that only intervention by the international community can prevent the political crisis from turning into full-blown civil war. Read more>>>

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