Zamoskvoretsky Court in Moscow on Monday handed down various sentences to the eight accused in the case over the May 6, 2012 riots in Bolotnaya Square, ranging from a suspended sentence to an up to four-year-long prison term, according to the resolving section of the verdict by Judge Natalya Nikishina, an Interfax correspondent said.

All of the accused were found guilty of participating in mass disturbances and using violence not associated with health damage against police, and sentenced to various prison terms at medium-security facilities.

According to the verdict, Aleksandra Naumova (Dukhanina) got a suspended sentence of three years and three months with a three-year probation period.

For Yaroslav Belousov and Artyom Savelov, the court deemed it possible to impose a penalty below the mandatory minimum, considering the nature of their involvement in the events. Belousov got two years and six months; Savelov, two years and seven months.

Andrei Barabanov was sentenced to three years and seven months.

Stepan Zimin has been sentenced to three years and six months.

Denis Lutskevich and Alexei Polikhovich were sentenced to three years and six months each; Sergei Krivov, four years of imprisonment.

Initially, Zamoskvoretsky court was considering the case involving 12 suspects, but on December 19 the judge decided to amnesty Mariya Baronova, Nikolai Kavkazsky, Leonid Kovyazin and Vladimir Akimenkov.

During the oral arguments prosecutors asked the court to impose sentences from five to six years at a medium-security facility.

The defense lawyers asked the court to acquit their clients.

The May 6, 2012 opposition rally in Bolotnaya Square, which was sanctioned by the Moscow authorities, ended in clashes between demonstrators and police. Over 400 people were arrested as a result of the disturbances.

A criminal case was opened on the same day on the charges of "calling for mass disturbances" and "the use of violence against representatives of the authorities." In January 2013 the case was merged with another over plotting to organize mass disturbances in Russia.

Twenty-nine people were accused, three of them already convicted.

On December 18, 2013, State Duma declared an amnesty on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Russian Constitution. After that eight people were amnestied.

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