The Russian Foreign Ministry is outraged at the Euronews television station's decision to place an offending photograph taken against the background of Sofia's Soviet Army monument, which was vandalized on February 23, on the channel's official Facebook page.

"This goes beyond any limits. This is our reaction to it," the ministry said in a commentary published on its Facebook page.

The photo depicts a young woman holding the hand of Sofia's Soviet soldier monument, which was sprayed with blue and yellow paint.

On Monday, the Foreign Ministry condemned the incident in Sofia and urged the Bulgarian authorities to investigate it.

"The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been presented with a note of protest with a demand for a careful investigation into this act of hooliganism, for bringing those guilty of this illegal act to justice, and for necessary measures to repair the monument," the ministry said.

"We expect that the Bulgarian authorities will take all necessary measures to prevent offensive treatment of memorials to Soviet soldiers who fell for the liberation of Bulgaria and Europe from Nazism," it said.

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