The Ukrainian scenario of the violent change of administration is impossible in Russia, State Duma Vice-Speaker, United Russia faction leader Vladimir Vasilyev said.

"It is too bad that President [Viktor Yanukovych], the guarantor of the constitution, has failed his duty. People are asking questions what is going on there and whether such things may happen here. This is impossible here. We have a different president," Vasilyev said on behalf of the faction at the State Duma sitting on Tuesday morning.

In addition, Russian society and political forces are different from those in Ukraine, he said.

"We are doing a lot for unity in this chamber, and the country will unite the best people irrespective of their political programs," stated the parliamentary majority representative.

He also said they cannot help but be concerned about the Ukrainian situation. \"What has happened in Ukraine? People, many of whom are obscure and unknown, not even political movements but some groups have created an atmosphere of fear with arson, beating and murders and brought the situation to a point where they took power," the vice-speaker continued.

That is an awful example for many, he remarked. One must never forget that terrorism is frequently camouflaged as a national liberation movement, Vasilyev said.

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