Assumptions made in a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry regarding threats to civil rights, for instance, those of national minorities and religions, are untrue and are not based upon proven facts, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement published on its website on Tuesday.

"Accusations of 'terrorist methods of suppression of dissenters' and the spread of 'neo-Nazi ideology' by the political forces that gained support of the majority of citizens in the 2012 parliamentary election and are currently assuming the responsibility for the situation in the country are totally biased and false," the statement runs.

The Russian Foreign Ministry posted a statement on Monday; it cast doubt on the legitimacy of actions of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada and said that the Ukrainian government "was rubber stamping 'decisions' and 'laws' some of which aimed at infringing upon the human rights of Russians and other ethnic minorities." The Russian Foreign Ministry said that threats were being made regarding Orthodox holy places in Ukraine.

Ukraine abolishes law on languages of minorities, including Russian

Ukraine's Verkhovna has abolished the law on the foundations of the state language policy adopted on July 3, 2012, by 232 out of 334 votes. Read more>>>

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