The Russian Federal Guard Service has declined to comment on reports that Russia has decided to grant ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's request for ensuring his personal security on Russian territory.

"No comment," Federal Guard Service spokesman Sergei Devyatov told Interfax.

Yanukovych had circulated a statement earlier on Thursday in which he asked the Russian authorities to provide for his personal security in light of threats he and his associates have been receiving.

A Russian government source confirmed later that Yanukovych's request for providing his personal security "has been granted on Russian territory."

The Federal Guard Service is responsible for the security of a number of top-ranking government officials and certain federal properties at the places of their permanent or temporary presence. The Service's responsibilities also include security of foreign heads of state and government and some other high-ranking foreign officials during their presence on Russian territory, according to the Service's website.

Yanukovych granted security on Russian territory - Russian goverment source

The Russian authorities have met Viktor Yanukovych's request on ensuring his personal security. "Considering that President Yanukovych has appealed to the Russian authorities to ensure his personal security, I am informing you that this request has been granted on the territory of the Russian Federation," a Russian government source told Interfax. Read more>>>

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