The Russian authorities have met Viktor Yanukovych's request on ensuring his personal security.

"Considering that President Yanukovych has appealed to the Russian authorities to ensure his personal security, I am informing you that this request has been granted on the territory of the Russian Federation," a Russian government source told Interfax.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych also has made an official statement, which says he will insist on the fulfillment of the compromise agreement on the settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine.

"I officially declare my determination to fight till the end for the implementation of the important compromise agreements concerning the Ukrainian recovery from the profound political crisis," says Yanukovych's statement obtained by Interfax on Thursday.

Yanukovych has branded the election of Ukrainian leaders by the mob as lawlessness.

"Obviously, the people in southeastern Ukraine and Crimea are refusing to accept the anarchy and actual lawlessness in the country where ministers are elected by the mob on a square," says a statement.

Yanukovych put on wanted persons list

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