Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to continue to work together with its Ukrainian partners in order to further promote trade and business ties between the two countries, hold consultations with Russia's international partners, including the International Monetary Fund, concerning the issue of financial assistance for Ukraine, as well as consider the possibility of sending humanitarian supplies to Ukraine's Autonomous Republic of Crimea in response to an appropriate request from it, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

"President of Russian Vladimir Putin instructed the government of Russia to continue contacts with its partners in Kiev on matters surrounding the development of trade and business ties between the Russian Federation and Ukraine," Peskov said.

The president also ordered that consultations be held with Russia's foreign partners, among them the IMF and G8 member countries, concerning the issue of financial aid for Ukraine, he said.

"Apart from that, bearing in mind the Crimean authorities' request of humanitarian aid, the president of Russia instructed the Russian government to consider this issue, including on the part of regions of the Russian Federation," he said.

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