According to the Russian border service, 675,000 citizens of Ukraine have entered Russia in the past two months.

A source said that if the revolutionary chaos in Ukraine continues, hundreds of thousands of refugees will rush to Russian border areas.

The Russian authorities register clear signs of a looming humanitarian catastrophe. According to the Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS), some 143,000 people applied for asylum in the last two weeks of February.

Regions bordering on Ukraine feel the greatest pressure, namely Belgorod, Rostov and Bryansk regions and Krasnodar territory. Last February migrating flows from Ukraine to Rostov region soared 53% and to Kursk region 71%.

People are seeking asylum and Russian citizenship in simplified order. Hundreds of people - local officials and law enforcers - claim they were persecuted and threatened with reprisals. Many Ukrainian citizens are bewildered, scared and depressed.

There has been a sharp rise in applications for temporary shelter. In Rostov region the figure jumped 96% compared to 2013.

There has also been an increase in the number of applications from Ukrainian citizens living in Russia. People worry about their near and dear ones and seek not only asylum but Russian citizenship through simplified procedures.

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