Russia does not want a war with Ukraine and is prepared to support all forces in that country that advocate stronger relations between Moscow and Kiev, Russian State Secretary - Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said.

"Russia does not want a war with Ukraine," he said on Vladimir Solovyov's Voskresny Vecher program aired by Rossiya 1 channel.

"I am absolutely positive that no one in Russia wants a war," the diplomat added.

"We are against the use of such terms in the discussion of our relations with Ukraine, which is close to us. We will render full support to the forces, which stand for strengthening bilateral relations, especially as European stability depends on these relations. The Western politicians who are harshly criticizing us now should understand that," the diplomat said.

He also said Russia does not call the Ukrainian sovereignty into question; it wants Ukraine to be a prosperous state

"We do not call Ukrainian sovereignty into question, not in the least," he said in Vladimir Solovyov's Voskresny Vecher program aired by Rossiya 1 channel.

"In the long run, we want Ukraine to be a prosperous, stable and modern state," the diplomat said.

The program anchor noted that some countries, among them Canada and France, had recalled their ambassadors from Russia. "There is nothing unusual about that," Karasin responded.

"Recalling ambassadors is a normal diplomatic practice, which aims to demonstrate concern or a wish to make a more profound analysis of the situation," he explained.

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