Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has stated he is personally ready to travel to Ukraine with volunteers to protect civilians.

"If need be, I can travel to Ukraine with volunteers who are ready to protect its population," Kadyrov said on Monday, according to his and Chechen government's press office.

The leader of the republic backed the Federation Council's resolution giving its approval for the Russian president to use the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine.

"The Federation Council made the right decision by backing the promise of Russian President Vladimir Putin to introduce our troops in Ukraine until the situation stabilizes. The current situation there - chaos, lawlessness, the outbursts of armed violence - pose an immediate threat to the lives of both Ukrainian citizens and the Russians staying on its territory," Kadyrov said

"Any decision by the Supreme Commander-in-chief will be accepted by us, the infantrymen, and fully implemented," he added.

"I spoke to Tatars, Russians, Cossacks and Ukrainians, and all of them are saying that there are quite a few people walking in the streets of the Crimean cities, carrying black flags and acting aggressively. A similar situation sparked the recent events in Kiev when nationalists started gradually dictating their conditions. This is why I think all of us need to unite and support Russian President Vladimir Putin in this uneasy situation," the Chechen leader said.

He called on the Ukrainian people to resist the forces which are trying to seize power in the country.

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