Russia calls for geopolitical calculations to be set aside and to focus on the interests of the Ukrainian people in the current situation in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

Russia's Federation Council backed the Russian president's request to use the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, Lavrov recalled, speaking before the United Nations Human Rights Council. We are talking about protecting Russians here, "the most important human right is the right to life," the minister said.

"Those who are trying to interpret the situation almost as some sort of aggression and threaten with all kinds of possible sanctions and boycotts - they are the same partners who had consistently and persistently pushed the political forces close to them towards ultimatums, refusing dialogue, demonstrating disregard for the concerns of Ukraine's south and east and, ultimately, towards the polarization of the Ukrainian society," Lavrov said.

It is necessary "to demonstrate a responsible approach, to set geopolitical calculations aside and put the interests of the Ukrainian people above everything," he said.

"It is necessary to ensure the honoring of the obligations stipulated in the February 21 agreement, including the launch of a constitutional reform process involving and fully reflecting the views of all the Ukrainian regions for further approval at a nationwide referendum," Lavrov said.

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