The active phase of the forceful operation near Slavyansk continues, head of the Kiev official information group Vladislav Seleznyov said.

"The active phase of the anti-terrorism operation proceeds, clearing of Krasniy Lyman is under way and clashes near Slovyansk continue," Seleznyov told Interfax on Wednesday.

According to the official, in the past 24 hours two Ukrainian servicemen died and 45 were injured. "As to militants, the number of killed amounts to around 300 and of injured to about 500," Seleznyov said.

On June 3 Ukrainian special service reported to acting Ukrainian President, Verkhovna Rada Chairman Oleksandr Turchynov that north of the Donetsk region was cleared from militia, fortified area in Semyonovka was destroyed and control was set over Krasniy Lyman.

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