A golden nugget weighting 6,664 grams (14,69 lb) has been found at the Ukhagan mine in the Irkutsk region's Bodaybinsky district, local administration posted a statement on its website.

"The nugget was found on Friday, June 13, ahead of full moon. The weight also favors secrecy - there are three sixes - and the shape is very similar to a pointy ear. So miners called the find Devil's Ear right away," the document said.

It is notable that devices used at the mine to separate precious metals from pebbles and garbage failed to detect the nugget.

"They took the piece of gold weighting over 6 kg for a stone and threw it away. A worker, who started to level the pile, found the nugget," the administration press office said.

Devil's Ear was included in the list of biggest nuggets ever found at the gold producing Bodaybinsky district.

According to miners, nuggets are not found by one. "If there is one, there will be a second and it is possible that very soon Devil's Ear will have a brother," the statement said.

According to the information of the Ukhagan company, the unique find was made at a new mine with quite low gold content.

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