Skolkovo innovation center (also Russian Silicon Valley in Skolkovo) is a planned high technology business area to be built at Skolkovo near Moscow, Russia.

The site is intended to be an ultramodern complex created to encourage scientifically-technological based companies. It is expected that the complex will be constructed in the territory of the city settlements of New Ivanovo and Odintsovo, near the village of Skolkovo, located in the east part of Odintsovsky area of Moscow, 2 km to the west from MKAD on Skolkovsky highway.

News, Articles and Blogs

RoboCV: A driverless car will be a reality in 5 to 10 years

Yaroslava Kiryukhina

RoboCV plans to take the international automatic logistic systems – or robot control—market by storm. Just one year old, the young company has already quikckly gone from concept development to the international market

Skolkovo Foundation switches hands

Alexander Panov

The Skolkovo Foundation has named its new supervisor. Ex-Minister of Education Andrei Fursenko replaces Ex-Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov

Putin ally Surkov quits as Deputy Prime Minister

Yulia Ponomareva

President Vladimir Putin has accepted the resignation of his long-time ally and former chief ideologue Vladislav Surkov from his posts as Deputy Prime Minister and government chief of staff

Putin believes in future of Skolkovo

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he believes in the future of the science city Skolkovo, but is convinced that the project, including its financial part, should be carried out strictly within the law

Russian innovation now saddled up, and riding fast

Conor Lenihan

German statesman Otto von Bismarck once observed that the Russian cavalry were “slow to saddle up, but ride fast.” Nowhere is this saying truer than in innovation, where Russia has climbed rapidly up the innovation rankings over the last five years

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