Fifty years ago on April 12, with a rousing cry of “ Poekhali!” ( “Let’s Go!”), cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin raced skywards to become the first human in space.

Launching in Vostok 1 from Kazakhstan at 9.06am that sunny day in 1961, the 27-year-old carpenter’s son circled the Earth once on a 
108-minute space flight, before parachuting safely to ground in the Saratov region of the USSR.

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Cosmonaut reveals the secret of Gagarin’s death

Andrey Zwirblis

On the eve of the “Yuri Gagarin: First in Space” film’s release, cosmonaut Alexei Leonov said that the truth about the death of the first Soviet cosmonaut had been declassified

Being Gagarin: Zhalnin on his role in the new film

Svetlana Mazurova

Pavel Parkhomenko’s new film, “Gagarin: First in Space,” went out on general release in Russia on June 7. Izvestia talks to 27-year-old actor Yarslav Zhalnin, who plays the part of the legendary cosmonaut

The man who won the race to the stars

Rakesh Krishnan Simha

Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space, when his "Vostok" spaceship completed an orbit of the Earth on 12 April 1961. After his epic journey the sky was open to the human race

Meet the people who still live in Russian ghost towns

Daria Gonzales

Today, the provocative label of “dead town” smothers a thousand human tales of departure, relocation, and long waits in the hopes of a flat in a new city. Yet, not all residents of these nearly uninhabited places have the desire to leave

First Orbit (movie)

A real time recreation of Yuri Gagarin's pioneering first orbit, shot entirely in space from on board the International Space Station

Worth the risk

On Cosmonauts Day, one of the first proponents of space tourism hopes more people can experience the "final frontier."

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