New episode of Russian animation ‘Masha and The Bear’ breaks YouTube record

October 18, 2016 Igor Rozin, RBTH
The new release, in which a bear falls victim to video game addiction, clocked over 7.4 million views on its YouTube channel in just three days.
masha bear
Tale of video game addiction gets over 7.4 million views in just 3 days. Source: Press photo

Within three days of its release on YouTube, a new episode of the hugely popular Russian animation Masha and The Bear – made by the studio Animaccord – had racked up over 7.4 million views, setting a new record for the channel.

Called “Game Over,” the episode, which became available to viewers on Oct. 14, tells the story of a bear afflicted with an addiction to videogames, with even his closest friends unable to tear him away from the computer. The YouTube channel “Masha i Medved” has over 7.4 million subscribers from all over the world and can be watched in 22 countries.

The episode “Masha plus kasha” (“Masha and Porridge”) has become the highest-watched episode on the channel, with almost 1.7 billion views.

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