Updated: The man who broke into a Moscow school this morning and took hostages has been apprehended. A policeman and a teacher were wounded, in addition to a policeman who died from gunshot wounds. Motives for the attack remain unknown. Interior Ministry head Vladimir Kolokoltsev has gone to the school personally to investigate the situation.

The evacuation of the students. Source: YouTube

A man with a rifle opened fire at a school in the northern Moscow region of Otradnoe on the morning of Feb. 3. He shot the policeman protecting the entrance to the building and took a number of 10th grade students hostage in a biology class. The policeman has died from wounds sustained in the shooting.

The number of hostages is between 22-24. The rest of the school was evacuated. Later children have been released.

According to latest reports, the shooter is a 15-year-old boy who was a near straight-A student.