Despite a turbulent past, the differences between Russia and the UK have always faded into insignificance during critical moments in European and world history. Our two countries were allies in both World Wars, and the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the first Arctic convoys in Operation Dervish was commemorated last year.

In a rapidly changing global environment, Russia and the UK face new challenges. Emerging economic and social links have created a positive dynamic for the political relationship's evolution.

2014 has been announced to be a Bilateral Russia-UK year. Celebrating the long cultural tradition of engagement between the two countries, the UK/Russia Year of Culture in 2014 will delight and surprise Russian and UK audiences and illustrate the way in which the relationship continues to develop new, creative and contemporary narratives in both countries.

Our special UK-edition website rbth.co.uk will give you further information of the events that will take place within the Year.

News, Articles and Blogs

If Russians had a UK vote

Bryan MacDonald

If the Kremlin had a vote in next month’s British general election, it would probably spoil it

Moscow regrets UK defense secretary remark on Russian threat

Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov has regretted British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon's recent statement alleging that President Vladimir Putin is as much a threat to Europe as Islamic State, posing "a real and present danger" to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

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