A whole range of unique, Russian-manufactured vehicles was presented at the arms, military equipment and ammunition exhibition, Russia Arms Expo 2013, which took place on Sept. 25–28 in Nizhny Tagil.

Terminator 2 tank support fighting vehicle

The BMPT-72—a new version of the tank support fighting vehicle based on the world-famous T-72 tank — was shown for the first time at RAE 2013. The vehicle has devastating firepower and is capable not only of protecting tanks from personnel armed with grenade launchers in urban warfare conditions, but also of operating independently as part of motorized infantry units.

The main differences between the BMPT-72 and the previous Terminator model are its improved fire-control system, the protection for its guided missile launchers against shrapnel and small arms fire, and the fact that its crew has been reduced from five to three people, without any loss of efficiency.

The fully armed weight of the vehicle has been reduced from 48 tons to 44 tons, with no loss in its level of protection.

The Terminator 2 will be of particular interest to countries operating the old but still very reliable T-72 tank: The new systems will enable them to turn their army into a super-modern fighting force rapidly and at minimal expense, essentially without having to acquire new vehicles.

ATOM heavy-wheeled infantry fighting vehicle

The ATOM concept project was one of the main sensations at RAE 2013. The ATOM is a heavy-wheeled infantry fighting vehicle that has been created through the joint efforts of French and Russian specialists.

The four-axle, 30-ton vehicle is armed with a 57mm cannon, which enables it to destroy targets by day or night and while stationary or on the move. The weapon has a 3-mile range and can fire at 140 rounds per minute.

ATOM heavy-wheeled infantry fighting vehicle

ATOM heavy-wheeled infantry fighting vehicle. Source: Tatyana Andreeva / RG

Despite its impressive weight, the vehicle is amphibious and can carry eight fully equipped troops. It is well protected against large-caliber bullets and mines. According to the manufacturers, the level of protection can be adjusted, either to strengthen it or to reduce it, with a corresponding increase in firepower.

The SPM special fire-fighting robot system

The SPM is a tracked fire-fighting vehicle with a good level of armored protection. It was built from T-72 and T-80 tank components and can operate with a crew of three or as a remote-controlled robot.

No one else in the world produces such powerful vehicles capable of fighting fires in the most extreme conditions and, moreover, by remote control. There are many different emergency situations in which precisely this kind of fire-fighting robot is in great demand.

The SPM special fire-fighting robot system

The SPM tracked fire-fighting vehicle. Source: Tatyana Andreeva / RG

The SPM is designed to extinguish fires in the most dangerous conditions — in ammunition stores where ammunition has exploded, at the seat of the biggest fires, at oil and gas extraction sites, and in places where there is a likelihood of pollution with substances that present a threat to human life.

2S25 Sprut self-propelled anti-tank gun

The Soviet Union used to produce the PT-76 amphibious tank, which was sold widely around the world. At that time, no one else in the world produced amphibious tanks. Now, the PT-76 is completely out of date and the 2S25 Sprut can be regarded as a new generation of Russian amphibious tanks.

2S25 Sprut self-propelled anti-tank gun

Sprut self-propelled anti-tank gun. Source: Tatyana Andreeva / RG

The Sprut can swim at a speed of 5 miles per hour and drive at 40 miles per hour on the road. The 2S25 is designed for use by airborne forces and marines and is designed for a crew of three. The 2S25 has light, bulletproof armor and a powerful 125mm cannon. The vehicle is airmobile and, when it is dropped by parachute, the safety of the crew inside it is guaranteed.

Arena-E active tank protection system

Arena-E is a system specially designed for export. Russia is the first to develop this kind of protection, which is guaranteed to destroy hollow-charge grenades and guided missiles as they approach the tank.

Arena-E active tank protection system

Arena-E active tank protection system. Source: Tatyana Andreeva / RG

The new Arena-E has a completely new look: The protection system is on the sides of the turret, not on top of it, as was previously the case. Representatives of the Kolomna Engineering Design Office, where this system was developed, say that it is the best in the world today, in terms of performance.

First published in Russian in Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

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