Law enforcement agencies are making full use of an information system containing a database on passenger services by all types of transport to monitor Olympics arrivals and trace fugitives, Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said.

"As part of the information system a personal database has been created on passenger services by all types of transport. This system has been fully integrated with those of the Russian FSB (Federal Security Service) and the Interior Ministry, and is currently in use," Sokolov said at a Russian government session.

The information system on passenger services is currently fully employed by "the Russian law enforcement agencies to monitor people arriving to Sochi for the Olympics and to trace movements of wanted individuals or those on whom we have intelligence," the minister said.

"As regards flights, despite certain difficulties in communication with the European Union, information is being passed post factum by all 113 foreign airlines from all the countries operating flights to Russia," Sokolov said.

Information on long-distance rail services, air flights, including international, inter-regional bus services on established routes, as well as international and domestic maritime passenger services is being fed into the database online, the transport minister said.

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